The choice to produce and/or sell one specific product in a new market or to install an economic reality (training or productive) in a new nation, is a very demanding important choice both for time quantity and resources quantity requested for the realization of the project and for the achievement of satisfactory economic results.

Our “mission”: to help the traders to transform new business ideas in concrete projects.

Making an in depth and punctual analysis from start up phase allows the company and the entrepreneur to make decisions and to operate more correct and conscious choices and consequently to achieve in a short time its own targets, maximizing the relation profit/cost.

Our job placing all the experience and professionalism at disposal is that of:

  • to support the entrepreneur helping him to optimize the time and resources devoted;
  • to the development of first phase of the company project (choice of society, registration, business plan);
  • to help the entrepreneur in start-up phases (location, recruiting);
  • to assist the entrepreneur in the development phases (marketing and sales strategy).

To monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions taken (control and company maintenance).


The ICC team is available to answer any doubts and questions from their customers.

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Our motto is “Your success is our success”

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