Human resources are an indispensable factor for the success of any business; having qualified and motivated staff can accelerate the growth of a company in a highly competitive market such as the US one. Our consultants will assist you in defining the roles to be sought, in the legal framing of staff and in researching the most suitable professional figures in your business in the US; our English, Italian and Spanish native consultants can provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the language of your recruiting staff.

In addition, we have at our disposal both native Italian and English-speaking staff with perfect Italian language skills. We can offer you three types of contractual solutions:

Temporary placement
This contract is essentially equivalent to the Italian interim employment contract.

Temporary permanent
This contract is essentially equivalent to the Italian temporary employment contract with the term of employment for an indefinite period if the employee exceeds the probation period (temporary).

It is equivalent to the Italian indefinite term contract. It is important to know that in the US the indefinite term contract of employment does not have the same constraints as the Italian; it is always possible to solve the employment relationship at any time with contractually agreed notice terms between the parties.

Among the services offered by our consultants there is the “talent management consulting” service, which provides:

  • whole cycle of recruitment;
  • definition of roles;
  • career advancement planning;
  • optimization and maintenance of staff.

Our statistics show that 85% of temporary placements become permanent; we can therefore guarantee you great results in the research and selection of staff.

Our motto is “Your success is our success”

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